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"Oye! Simpson joins the hardworking team at The Global Bass Experience for an excellent new exclusive three track EP titled “Corbeau.” Consisting of some of the most innovative and brilliant Nu Cumbia, Corbeau pushes the boundaries of Cumbia as a whole as well as returning the listener to the days when people played real instruments and didn’t just rely on their laptops.

Corbeau will surely deliver the biggest Cumbia fans an outstanding listening experience. The production is very tight and well suited for DJ’s to mix into their live sets. After they listen to Corbeau they surely will feel the desire to purchase and download the EP immediately.

Many have experienced the brilliant talent of Oye! Simpson (John Smith) with his solo work as well as his collaborative work in his band “Sixties Guns.” With Corbeau Oye! Simpson takes the listener on an extreme Nu Cumbia journey where he performs all the instrumentation. Actually he also produces the entire EP as well.

Corbeau is released online through The Global Bass Experience. A future vinyl release is also in the works. For links to the EP as well as the official release on The Global Bass Experience, check below. "

"Corbeau, a short and precise EP, demonstrates the talent for experimentation and instrumental virtue (both sonically and technically) that Oye!Simpson // John Smith has.

He isn't afraid to bend genres.
Broad terms like World, Cumbia, Big Band, Funk and Trap entangle themselves.

With an Eno-like approach, he gender-bends his soundscapes into enjoyable tropical journey's.

Whether he mixes eastern, turkish, funk or trap, the sound is crafted well enough to not throw the listener off guard.

John Smith has always been a musical alchemist, his approach, one of mixtures and his intrigue, one of conceptual designs taken out of context and placed in different circumstances. His challenge, making it work.

On Corbeau, he does that.
Unfortunately, the widespread rapid fire constant music-release frenzy of the internet gives little room for an actual genuine listen.

Mr. Smith is doing things that are unlike anything going on, and as a direct result, maybe not all together relative with present day hyped styles/ideas/textures, which makes his project all the more interesting.

Although patience is required to see the fluids shape and mix, and although the styles and genres used might not be to everyone's liking, his vision and destination are undeniable and his musicianship frightening. The man's a fucking one man band.

He plays everything. No samples. (Guitar, bass, flute, 606's, and a Juno, piano, etc, etc. from what I can tell).

It's a pleasure to see Cumbia and Chicha brought into a Nu atmosphere that dangles terribly close to Afro Rock Electronica.

Download, listen, drink something hard, smoke something soft."
-Xavi Vilaplana, Warm Places, Sixties Guns


released December 17, 2013

Instruments Used:
Danelectro 12 string electric guitar
Fender Stratocaster
fretless electric bass
Clay Aztec flute
Moog Minitaur
Sony Tape Recorder
Various percussion and found sounds
Ableton Live

All instruments played by John Smith, production and mastering done at Sage Gardens in San Diego, California by John Smith.

Special thanks to El Guero Unico, The Global Bass Experience, one of the first people to give me spin on his blog.



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Oye!Simpson San Diego, California

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